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Kentucky Commission on Small Business Advocacy

Is a regulation, law or mandate affecting your small business? As a small-business owner, you need a voice in state government. The Kentucky Commission on Small Business Advocacy (CSBA) is that voice.

The CSBA provides information on proposed state legislation, regulations and recently enacted state law that impact small business. The Commission looks at issues such as licensing/permitting requirements, taxes, and other areas of government that affect small business.

The Commission on Small Business Advocacy exists to accomplish the following:

  • Address matters of small business as it relates to government affairs
  • Promote a cooperative and constructive relationship between state agencies and the small business community to ensure coordination and implementation of statewide strategies that benefit small businesses in the Commonwealth
  • Coordinate and educate the small business community on federal, state, and local government initiatives of value and importance to the small business community
  • Create a process by which the small business community is consulted in the development of public policy
  • Aid the small business community in navigating the regulatory process, when that process becomes cumbersome, time consuming, and bewildering to the small business community
  • Advocate for the small business, as necessary when regulatory implementation is overly burdensome, costly, and harmful to the success and growth of small businesses in the Commonwealth
  • Collect information and research those public policies and government practices which are helpful or detrimental to the success and growth of the small business community
  • Review administrative regulations and provide advisory opinions on potential impact to small business
  • Promote awareness of the Small Business Regulatory Fairness Enforcement Act of 1996 which was designed to help eliminate and/or reduce the cost of regulatory compliance for small businesses. For more detailed information about the Act click here

If you have questions or comments about the impact of government regulations on small business, please email or call 800-626-2930.